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Reduce Crime At Your Condo Or Townhome Community

As crime increases, now is the time to take the steps needed to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Not sure what you can do around your Condo or Townhome community to prevent crime? The Heroes team can help.

The 1st step is to reach out to us and request that we conduct a " Comprehensive Property Report" (CPR ) for your complex. It is completely free and it does not matter how big or small the community is or if it is an unsecured or gated property. We are often contacted by a frustrated or concerned resident or even a member of the HOA Board or property management team for the community. We are building relationships one property owner at a time.

We conduct a detailed "walk-thru" of the entire property and will generate a report to be shared at a later date with any residents who have an interest. Reports can be emailed, discussed in person as a group or even on a Zoom call if needed.

The discovered concerns from the initial walk-thru are discussed with suggestions of some possible changes. Crime prevention through environmental design is not new. However, there aren't to many retired veteran police officers who are also a licensed real estate professional that continues to give back to the community for FREE.

A professional who teachers residents how to not only improve the safety and security of their residential property, but at the same time improve their quality of life and possibly even improve their property values as a result.

John Catalano is the Owner- Operator of the Heroes Real Estate Program. As a retired Veteran Police Officer and a licensed Real Estate professional since 2007, this program continues to give back to the community. Numerous residents everywhere take advantage of this FREE program. We understand not everyone is ready to BUY or SELL a property at this time. That is not our objective. We want to establish a long term relationship and provide an amazing and priceless value for you and your family today.

Contact us at to get get started on your Complementary Property Report.


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