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Increase Property Values By Decreasing Crime

Our team works with property owners across the Los Angeles area. From single family homeowner's, condo and townhome owner's as well as owner's of investment properties. If you own real estate, let our team help you increase your property values as well as your rental income. We are NOT a property management company and we do NOT charge for this service.

We specialize in helping homeowners. As a real estate professional and a retired Veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, we work closely with individual homeowners, HOA Boards and Property Management companies to teach them how to help reduce or eliminate not only criminal activity but quality of life issues as well.

Contact us for a free "Comprehensive Property Report" to see what recommendations we can make to improve the safety and security of your property. Or email us at

John Catalano is the Owner - Operator of the HEROES Real Estate Program. A retired Law Enforcement Officer who specialized in working with Homeowners and Business Owners to not only reduce crime but to improve quality of life issues. Contact us to set up a FREE Comprehensive Property Report.


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